Something new on the market

Along with the LPG sales contract, Euro Gas assigns several types of horizontal LPG tanks that can be easily installed above the ground, in order to meet the customer's required needs.

Euro Gas LPG tanks are made of high-quality steel, designed to withstand high working pressure, meeting all requirements from the regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

500 liters - horizontal
1,500 liters - horizontal
3,000 liters - horizontal
5,000 liters - horizontal
Tank installation procedure

Site overview

Our regional sales representative carefully inspects the site and checks the conditions for proper installation and supply, in accordance with all legally defined protection zones. The representative of Euro Gas will suggest to the customer where it would be preferable to place the tank, while the final decision is made by the fire protection officer, who also attends the site inspection.

Technical - economic offer

After a detailed check and the possibility of installing the tank at the customer's location, an offer is formed that is adapted to the need, including clauses on customer protection and safety.

Installation of LPG tanks

After the signing of the LPG Purchase Agreement, the dynamics of the delivery of the tank are carried out according to the agreement of Euro Gas and the customer.

LPG distribution

Filling with LPG is done quickly at the customer's request, and in the agreed-upon dynamics after the safe installation and preparation of the LPG tank for filling.


Your competent Euro Gas regional sales representative will be happy to provide you with all technical support and assistance in solving any dilemmas after the installation and commissioning of the gas system. Also, they will provide you with assistance in the procedure of submitting a request for a refund of paid excise duty on LPG.

For all information, you can contact us via the listed phone numbers during working hours from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 16:00. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.