LPG Sales

LPG sales are one of our core businesses, distributing high-quality, high-energy, and ecologically sustainable gas we can supply our clients with the highest quality standards. We distribute two types of LPG, firstly LPG fuel for motor vehicles and second Propan-Butan mix with multiple applications for various industries or homesteads.
PBS Sales

PBS od propan-butan mix represents a fuel type with a variety of applications. PBS can be used for heating, cooking, water heating (in the gas state), or as traction fuel for forklifts (in the liquid state). We distribute this product in cylinders or tanks. The exact composition of the mix may vary due to high temperatures or pressure so that the LPG mix can be equally efficient in the summer or winter. The proportion of the components in PBS varies depending on the country of distribution, in hotter climates, the proportion of propane is smaller in colder climates the proportion of propane is higher. In Serbia, for a long time, the usual mix for winter and summer was 35% propane and 65% butane, lately according to JUS standards are as follows: in winter months 75:25%, spring, and autumn 45:55%, and in summer months 12:88% mix.
Propane Sales

According to the chemical denomination, the symbol C3H8 represents the component with a faster burning rate, today we use it as one of the purest energy sources. The dominant trait of pure propane is very high heat value ie. and caloric value, with various applications in home or industry. We distribute pure propane in cylinders or tanks.
Pure propane or PBS cylinders

If you are in need of a new cylinder, you are out of gas and in need of refueling or you possess an old cylinder for replacement, you are in the right spot. We offer our customers a choice of pure propane or PBS mix cylinders with all the support you need. Euro Gas is one of the market leaders in distributing LPG cylinders for industry, HORECA, and homesteads.
Distribution of pure components (n-butane, iso-butane)

N-butane and iso-butane are among the gasses with the least environmental impact. Due to damage to the ozone layer, iso-butane is more frequently used as a substitution for freon in the air-conditioner. N-butane and iso-butane components are delivered with tanks.
Transport and logistics

Euro Gas transports all products in cooperation with our affiliate company Euro Petrol Trans d.o.o. which specializes in the transport of fuels.
Environmental impact

We trade in clean energy components, this is how environmental protection is a bedrock of our business. The fuels we distribute are considered the cleanest and more sustainable with the least impact on the greenhouse effect on our planet, considerably more than other fossil fuels.

With the highest regard for human resources management, we are dedicated to our customers and partners through the committed and professional service of our employees.

Euro Gas - Pure energy!


Years of successful business

cubic meters of total storage capacity for LPG

tank wagons on lease from the largest European suppliers

household bottles in our possession
Our business today

  • 7 storage units for LPG with the capacity of 5.000 m3 in Subotica, Senta, Belgrade, and Zahony (Hungary)
  • 4 towing vehicles for manipulation
  • All of our storage units have railway and truck access, and the storage unit in Senta has river access also