What is LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a mixture of hydrocarbons, mainly composed of propane and butane.

Is LPG an ecological fuel?

When burning LPG, solid particles and fine dust (PM10 and PM2.5) are not produced, which are typical for burning biomass, diesel, and fuel oil.

What are the advantages of LPG?

LPG is multipurpose energy that can be used for heating and cooling rooms, consumption for industrial purposes, cooking food, and the like. The high thermal power it possesses provides it with a large amount of heat energy with low gas consumption. It has a low impact on the environment. It can be stored in small containers and easily transported anywhere, especially to places where there is no natural gas network.

What components does Euro Gas distribute?

Euro Gas deals with the distribution of LPG in the form of autogas and propane-butane mixture, as well as the distribution of pure component propane, n-butane, and iso-butane.

How do we distribute components?

We distribute the propane-butane mixture in gas bottles and tanks, propane as well, while we distribute autogas, n-butane, and iso-butane in tanks.

What is the difference between propane and propane-butane mixture (PBS)?

The two forms of LPG, propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) are hydrocarbons with similar chemical formulas and unique elements. LPG is a flammable gas that turns into a liquid under pressure and can contain other gasses, unlike pure propane. In other words, propane and LPG are the same, but not all LPG is propane.

What gas cylinders do we offer?

Euro Gas offers 10 kg bottles that are mainly used in households, as well as 35 kg bottles that are used in smaller industrial plants, catering, and crafts.

Where can I buy gas cylinders?

List of distributors:

Euro Petrol Tornjoš Senćanski put bb
Euro Petrol Subotica Otmara Majera 6
Euro Petrol Subotica Segedinski put 76
Euro Petrol Bački Vinogradi Segedinski put 85
Euro Petrol Senta Pristanišna 1
Euro Petrol Kanjiža Narodnih heroja bb
Euro Petrol Bačka Topola Maršala Tita 33
Euro Petrol Vrbas Njegoševa 38
Euro Petrol Zemun Saobraćajnica T8 1-3
Euro Petrol Stari Žednik Beogradski put 57
Euro Petrol Male Pijace Kanjiški put bb
Euro Petrol Subotica Beogradski put 6
Euro Petrol Baljevac JNA 2
Euro Petrol Beograd Viline vode bb
OMV Vršac Omladinskih brigada 90 a
OMV Gornji Milanovac Magistralni put bb
OMV Beograd Radnička bb
OMV Beograd Rakovica Magistralni put m22
OMV Novi Beograd Jurija Gargarina bb
OMV Beograd Krnjača 1 Zrenjaninski put bb
OMV Beograd Krnjača 2 Zrenjaninski put bb
OMV Mali Mokri Lug Omladinskih brigada 90 a
OMV Zrenjanin Beogradska bb
MOL Srbija Beograd Višnjica Višnjička 51
MOL Srbija Aranđelovac Ilije Garašanina 86
MOL Srbija Beograd Medaković Vojislava Ilića 100 a
MOL Srbija Novi Sad Venizelosa 13
MOL Srbija Loznica Kneza Miloša 17
MOL Srbija Obrenovac Vojvode Mišića 36 b
MOL Srbija Pančevo Pančevački put 64 b
MOL Srbija Šabac Hajduk Veljka 2
MOL Srbija Mrčajevci Mojsinje bb
MOL Srbija Niš 12. Februara bb
MOL Srbija Kać Zrenjaninski put 165
MOL Srbija Nova Pazova Cara Dušana bb
MOL Srbija Novi Beograd Zemunska bb
MOL Srbija Odžaci Somborski put bb
MOL Srbija Knjaževac Kneza Miloša 2
MOL Srbija Subotica Jovana Mikića bb
MOL Srbija Subotica Senćanski put 142
MOL Srbija Crvenka Maršala Tita 1 a
MOL Srbija Sremska Mitrovica Miloša Obilića 143 a
MOL Srbija Valjevo Suvobarska bb
MOL Srbija Kragujevac Vladimira Rolovića 3
MOL Srbija Kraljevo Dositejeva 272 a
MOL Srbija Požega Ariljska rampa bb

What are the specifics of Euro Gas gas cylinders?

What makes our company specific on the market is the digital scale for filling gas bottles. When filling, the digital scale controls the gas bottle and fills it to exactly 10 kg. With the help of this technology, Euro Gas always fills its gas cylinders, in the same way, verified, safe, and, most importantly, always with the same amount of gas, and in this way, we enable consumers to have continuous and predictable consumption.

Does Euro Gas have a rent-a-tank service?

Euro Gas has a rent-a-tank service, where several types of horizontal LPG tanks, which can be easily installed above the ground, are given to the customer in order to meet the requested needs of the customer.

Our LPG tanks are made of high-quality steel, designed to withstand high working pressure, meeting all requirements from the regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

What models of rent-a-tank tankers do we have?

500 liters – horizontal

1,500 liters – horizontal

3,000 liters – horizontal

5,000 liters – horizontal

How to get to rent a tank?

Feel free to contact us by calling + 381 (0)24/ 664 664

Does the Euro Gas company care about the environment?

Environmental protection is the foundation of the Euro Gas company’s operations, given that we operate with clean energy components. The energy sources we distribute are considered the most sustainable, having the least impact on the greenhouse effect compared to other fossil fuels.